The Team

Julie HarrisonManaging Director1983CSS
Emma HamptonRegistered Manager1993NVQ 4 R.M.A.
Neil HamptonMaintenance Manager2009
Office Staff
1Accounts Manager2011
2Compliance Manager2005L5 Diploma L & M
3Care Planning and Support Manager2005L5 Diploma L & M
4Payroll Manager2007
5Training Organiser2015
Kitchen Staff
6Kitchen Manager2011
7Chef/Gardener2013NVQ 3
House Keeping
8House Keeping Manager2009
9House Keeper 2005NVQ 3
10Laundry2014NVQ 5
11Laundry2014NVQ 3
Day Centre / Smile Club
12Day Centre Manager2009NVQ 3
13Care Assistant2008
14Day Care Assistant2011
15Day Care Assistant2014
16Senior Carer2012
Main House
1Unit Manager2009L5 Diploma L&M
2Senior Carer2003NVQ 3
3Senior Carer2005NVQ 3
4Senior Carer2005NVQ 3
5Senior Carer2005NVQ 3
6Senior Carer2007NVQ 3
7Senior Carer2012NVQ 2
8Care Assistant2016
9Care Assistant2016
10Care Assistant2017
11Care Assistant2018
12Senior Carer2009
Hedge End Unit
1Unit Manager Hedge End2015NVQ 5
2Deputy Manager Hedge End2016NVQ 3
3Senior Carer2005NVQ 3
4Senior Carer2008NVQ 3
5Senior Carer2008NVQ 3
6Senior Carer2016NVQ 2
7Care Assistant2015
8Care Assistant2018
9Care Assistant2018
Botley Unit
1Unit Manager Botley2009NVQ 3
2Deputy Manager Botley2005NVQ 3
3Senior Carer2005NVQ 3
4Senior Carer2012NVQ 3
5Senior Carer2014NVQ 2
6Senior Carer2004NVQ 3
7Care Assistant2016
8Care Assistant2016NVQ 2
9Care Assistant2017
Bishops Waltham Unit
1Unit Manager Bishops Waltham2018NVQ 2
2Deputy Manager Bishops Waltham2013NVQ 3
3Senior Carer2009NVQ 3
4Care Assistant2016NVQ 3
5Care Assistant2014
6Care Assistant2018
Night Staff
1Night Supervisor2011NVQ 3
2Night Supervisor2012NVQ 4
3Senior Carer2003NVQ 2
4Senior Carer2008NVQ 3
5Senior Carer2011NVQ 3
6Senior Carer2014NVQ 2
7Care Assistant2012
8Care Asssitant2017
Bank Staff
55Care Assistant2017
78Bank 2018