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COVID-19 Update

As the months have passed and the virus is still a danger to everyone, we have been constantly monitoring the situation and our visiting policy but unfortunately at this time, we do not feel it is right to relax our policy at the moment. We understand how difficult it must be not being able to visit, see, and talk to your loved ones. We can assure you that this decision has not been an easy one but we feel to continue to keep your loved ones and our staff safe and healthy it's our only option at this current time.

We would like to thank you all for your understanding and continued support during these difficult times and encourage you to use our Skype service as this has proven to be very beneficial.

We have introduced some new activities this week which have included a reminiscence quiz of the decades, a guess the movie quiz and we have even taken to Mario Kart Racing on the Wii, which, many of our residents have enjoyed racing against each other!! Our vehicle outings have continued to be a success with many of your loved ones enjoying a trip to Lee-on-Solent, the River Hamble and the spectacular country views around Twyford.


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