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Glad to Care

Following on from Glad to Care week last month, here are some comments from staff here at The White House, on why 'they are glad to care.'............

'I am glad to care - I think TWH residents take genuine pleasure in my company, for care and activities. It is nice to feel needed.'

'Thank you so much for the nice gesture, the food and drinks were nice.

However, as for me, I am a natural born caregiver and at the same breath, a natural and proactive carer who enjoys challenges by seeing to it that my clients are entertained and happy to the fullest.

Once again thank you for your support and staff development.

Much appreciated, regards, Jacob.'

'Yes thank you very much for the treats! Very much appreciated.

I am happy caring for people as it's lovely to be able to help them with things they are not able to do for themselves anymore.

It's very satisfying to provide quality care for those who need it.


'In response to your glad to care message. My story of getting into care is quite recent having spent 30 years plus working in an office environment.

Sadly my husband passed away from cancer 9 years ago. I nursed him at home until the end, During that time I had some dubious care services who were meant to be giving him personal care. I witnessed their first visit, their service was so poor that I immediately cancelled their service and never had anyone else come in. I could look after him so much better.

After he passed I missed doing the day to day care and started looking into the possibility of a change in job. I wanted to continue looking after others and give them the care they deserve in their time of need. I applied for a vacancy for a domiciliary position and got a job. I spend four years doing domiciliary care and then changed to working in a care home and then I moved to The White House.

I have never looked back. I love delivering the care and comfort that the residents deserve. I have the advantage of knowing how distressing it can be for the family having been there myself. I believe everyone deserves to be looked after with care and empathy and be treated with respect. My philosophy is to treat everyone how I wish Graham had been treated in his time of need.

Thank you for allowing me to do a job I love.'


'I'm glad to care as it brings a lot of joy and fulfilment to me that as a team, we support and interact with the residents ensuring they experience the best person-centred care, fun, laughter and love in a safe and enriching environment, for however long they have left in their lives.' Lyz

'I'm glad to care because I believe in what Julie and you have done in many years at TWH, I know I'm not straight to the resident, but with my job I try to give as much as I can to everyone the joy and the best test I can make is with food. I like to spoil and give different taste and variety.

I believe in people, especially how care for someone else.

Care is to be patient, understanding, waiting to be there ready when your care is ready.

Give always not just your hand to help, more than this your heart, always thinking that person can be your mum or dad. Of course, more and more.

Happy to work with incredible people. Thank you to give me the opportunity to do this.

Forever and ever in my heart.

My journey at The White House started 13 years ago and I would do it again...Julie first and then you Emma, give me possibility to do something I never think I will be able to do, and this is to care for someone. You both believed in me and gave space to do care and be in the kitchen too. I will be grateful forever to Julie Harrison and you Emma Hampton the way you care for your staff and keep The White House like a family. This is care too.'

Thank you Rosanna.

'It was a nice surprise to come into this lovely food, not just any food but M&S food.

I enjoy care because I'd like to think I bring a smile to the resident's face.'


'I am glad to care because......I can sleep well at night knowing that I have given my care, love and attention to people who need it. To those who have no one else at all and have to spend the last of their days all alone in a home. Everyone deserves to have someone to take care of them in times that they need it the most and I believe everyone deserves to feel safe, loved and taken care of. I love my job even though it can be challenging at times, I wouldn't change it for the world. Also helps to have such an amazing team to work alongside. Everyone at The White House feels like family not only to just me and my colleagues but I believe the residents too.'


'I love to care (at The White House) because I can't think of a single other job that would be as rewarding and as much fun, have fabulous staff and residents, beautiful surroundings and loads of animals.'


'I am glad to care because nothing comes close to seeing our residents smile, laugh and achieve. Playing even a small part in that brings such joy and pride.

It is a blessing to be part of the lives of the amazing people who we care for and they have all taught me so much.

If I can bring some happiness, kindness or comfort to them when they need it then I am proud to care.

I remember when I had my first care job from school and my Dad saying to me 'why, you did really well in your exams, why would you need to be just a carer?' to think that people would use 'just a carer' makes me sad. If only they could see what it means to care, no such comment would every be made.

I believe I have the best job and if I can 'just be a carer' until I retire, I will be a happy soul.'

Laura L.


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