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Race for Life

Sadly, many of us, either personally or our loved ones, family or friends, are likely to be diagnosed with Cancer at some stage of our life; we all know someone whose life has been touched by Cancer. A diagnosis of cancer can so cruelly affect not only the person with the diagnosis but also those who love and care for them, in so many ways. Cancer Research Uk work tirelessly with dedication to provide support to people when they are most at their time of need, whether physically, mentally or financially as a direct result of a cancer diagnosis. This year, The White House will be supporting Cancer Research Uk. Bring on TWH Ladies – Steph Reed (our Quality Assurance Manager), Siobhan Spaven (our Training Manager), Emma Linsdell (our Compliance Manager) and Anna Linsdell (Emma’s oldest daughter). Together, as a team, we will be taking part in the Winchester 5k Race For Life on Sunday 21 May and we will be looking to raise as much money for Cancer Research as we can. We have a donation page which is and we would welcome your support and any donations that you are able to make to this amazing and worthy cause.

With many thanks from The White House.


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