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Our Philosophy

Holistic, xxxx

Our philosophy at the White House is to treat the residents as we or our loved ones would choose to be cared for.

A homely, safe and caring environment

The White House provides a safe, homely, calm and relaxed environment. The unique environment of the home enables freedom of movement within the home without restriction.


We maintain the privacy, dignity and respect of the residents at all times.

Person-centred Care

We provide a person-centred, best interests approach where residents feel valued and able to maximise their potential.


We support the residents in such a manner that promotes independence and aims to maintain skills and independence, never to hamper, stifle or frustrate.


Residents are encouraged, supported and assisted with aspects of daily living activities, always with patience and understanding while maintaining dignity and respect.


We will meet, wherever possible, the individuals cultural and religious needs,  accessing community involvement as necessary. Ensure no resident or member of staff is treated less favourably for any reason, especially in respect of age, race, status, religion, gender or sexual orientation.

Complete, enduring care

We are committed to meet the individual's holistic care needs, until end of life wherever possible.

Lawfully Compliant

We ensure all staff are aware of the importance of the mental capacity act within our practice.

Accommodating all views

We ensure that we take into full consideration, the views of people who know our residents well when they do not have the capacity to tell us themselves how they wish their care to be provided. All these decisions will be made in their best interests at all times.

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