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VE Day Celebrations

Our VE Day Celebrations was a day full of fun, tasty treats and enjoyment. The day begun with both staff and residents participating in face painting, followed lots of good old sing-a-longs, flag waving and some great Winston Churchill quotes!! Laura made an amazing celebratory cake with a variety of summer berries resembling the United Jack Flag, we also hung our bunting both inside and out in the garden, which the residents have enjoyed making in the lead up to the day. We all had a lovely surprise when we had a delivery of FREE Dominoes Pizzas for us all to enjoy, such a kind gesture from Dominoes and they were extremely welcomed and enjoyed by all - THANK YOU!!

We would also like to say a special thank you to Olivia, Ronnie's Granddaughter, who sent in a lovely postcard to all the residents to help cheer everyone up and make them smile .......


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